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Nivea Booklet





Born 1964, in Dundee, Scotland

Joan Martin won her first colouring-in competition at the age of four. The early acknowledgement of her talent motivated her to immerse herself in art, and she is currently senior art teacher at Durban Girl's College. Some of Joan's students have used their skills to transform the children's cancer block at a Durban hospital with colourful murals, which have brought joy to patients and visitors alike. Her dream is to open her own art studio one day.

Title, Encompassing.

Medium, Oil on Canvas. Size, 160cm x l00cm

"A moment can mean either a brief yet indeterminate interval of time or a significant period." I have expressed the core values of NIVEA by using children to symbolise these values. Childhood lasts for a brief 'moment' In our lives, yet is also a time of great importance during which all our values are cemented.

The children in my painting are playing around a tree (a symbol of nature) in a circle (the symbol of NIVEA). While interacting inside the circle, they are caring for and relying on each other, and understand that they need to support each other (some of the children are flying through the air and depend on their friends for physical support).

The colours in which the children are painted are similar to the tree, indicating their harmony with nature. The children are surrounded by stencilled chains of paper dolls, a theme which has been repeated in both the foreground and background of the painting, reflecting and reinforcing the idea of harmony. Like the delicacy of paper, these paper dolls remind us of the fragility of childhood and that it lasts for only a "moment".