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Scratching the surface









Press: Scratching the surface
~ Mail & Guardian, Friday, April 9 – 16 2009

KwaZulu-Natal’s largest private contemporary art address, the sprawling Kizo Art Gallery in futuristic mega-mall Gateway, recently opened the intriguing Scratching Surfaces exhibition, which pools the talents of five top KZN women artists who get to grips with a variety of cogent existential issues through their shared genre of illustration.

Lara Mellon, Joan Martin, Lesley Magwood- Fraser, Rene Leslie and Maggie Strachan are the five artists from the province whose work forms a compelling display of individual and collective creative strength. All the artists share a passion for landscape (the surface) of their home province, which they explore and express through the mark-making (scratching) process of drawing.

Their mutual love of drawing is the common thread connecting the artists with the title of the show, also wryly hinting at their own sense of artistic evolution as they consider their work to be a mere "scratching the surface" of their true potential.

The exhibition runs until April 26. Tel: 031566 4322, email or visit

Alex Sudheim