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Two Chickens








TWENTY years ago, a number of Durban artists taking part in the Natal Playhouse's first Living Arts Exhibition had so enjoyed working together they decided to continue as a group - and started with a series of drawing workshops under the guidance of Jeanette Gilks.

Most members of that initial group, now known as Garret Artists, are still working together.

The group will be exhibiting a selection of mixed media drawings, which explore how two-dimensional images have been transformed through the medium of technology.

As a result, students have gained insight into processing, reworking and manipulating existing images.

The aim of the workshops is to stimulate lateral, divergent thinking by encouraging an experimental approach to materials and techniques, and promote the value of the creative process.

The drawing exhibition can be seen in the Schreiner Gallery at the Tatham Gallery in Pietermaritzburg until Sunday, September 28, and will feature works in a wide variety of drawing and graphic techniques - using everything from fottage and collage to finger painting.

Says Gilk; "The aim of my workshops has not been to teach new skills as such, but rather to explore alternative approaches, to liberate unforseen visual and pictorial potential."

This retrospective gives the public and opportunity to gain insight into how drawn images can germinate and evolve.

Mounted work is contrary to the spirit of these exhibitions.

Although art works are exhibited in art galleries and, thus, imply that works have entered into the public domain, Garret Art exhibitions are (generally) not selling exhibitions.

Instead, they provide an opportunity for the public to explore, via the drawings, essentially private, incomplete visions, unmoored by the restraints and contraints of frames.

Check them out.

~THE eye-catching Two Chickens, a work in mixed media, by Joan Martin