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Challenges, Connections and Community for artists

In February this year I was one of four artists asked to provide daily prompts and inspirational images sourced on the Sktchy app as part of a challenge: To make a portrait every day for the month of February.  

The above image is an example of one of my prompts and an image I chose as inspiration on the 7th of February. I decided to take on this challenge myself & attempted to produce a portrait a day. Sadly I couldn't maintain this practice and only managed to keep up for a week. As some of you know, I have recently started teaching at a new school. The pressure of teaching and trying to produce art every day was too challenging.   

The piece above is one I made in response to my own prompt and chosen image for the 7th of February. It was only after I made this piece did I realise what a difficult angle I had chosen. Despite this, many artists made beautiful work. As always the interaction and support experienced on the app is encouraging. (see the excerpt of comments made about this piece below) 

Each invited teaching artist involved in February did a live Facebook demonstration of techniques. These demonstrations generally last about an hour and during these broadcasts you can watch the artist work on their artwork and you can ask them questions in real time by typing on a side panel in Facebook. 

I demonstrated techniques using the following face as inspiration and worked on two portraits during the live broadcast.