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Grade 10 Frida Themed Fondant Cake by Sam

This cake was quite unusual, the flying birds on the top of the cake made a large bird shape, when viewed from the correct angle.  The center of the cake was hollow, it had a mirrored box inset which lit up & revealed a small flying bird inside. 

The following pic was shot in a darker area of the room so you can see how the mirrored box lit up.

Below: The mirrored box & the small flying bird

I managed to make a video of this cake so you can get a better idea of what it looked like. 


Grade 10 Frida Kahlo Themed Fondant Cakes 

According to the CAPS (Curriculum & Assessment Policy Statement) document for visual arts in South Africa a Grade 10 visual arts student needs to explore "a variety of materials, tools, processes & technologies & develop technical skill in & knowledge of a range of materials, techniques, ...and equipment." 

Above a detail of Deepika's Cake (Grade 10 Durban Girls' College)  

I normally do some form of sculptural technique at Grade 10 level and this year my Grade 10 class asked me to do fondant cake sculptures with them. There has been an explosion of food/baking shows on local TV (Cake Boss & Charly's Cake Angels to name just two).  Charly's Cake Angels a locally produced show is inspired by the bakery called Charly's Bakery & is based in Cape Town & it has become a popular venue for local foodies. 

Elements of the Grade 10 cakes in progress

The principles that apply to clay sculpture can be adapted for fondant sculpture. Fondant has the same consistency as clay & can be molded into shapes and forms. However, it was with great trepidation that I agreed to embark on this project. I am a notoriously bad cook & as I have said in a previous blog post, the closest I have come to baking is making muffins.

Mrs. Wilson (visual arts teacher) showing the students how to make fondant flowers

I started the term by visiting a local baking supplier (Bake a Ton) & bought a sample packet of fondant (so the girls could taste & feel the consistency of the bought fondant). They were encouraged to make their own fondant - click on the link to find a recipe for home made fondant.  We also watched the following video on making your own fondant on Youtube. 

I created a slideshow to introduce the project and some images of Frida Kahlo, the students also watched the Frida Kahlo video starring Salma Hayek for inspiration. (The theme for the cakes) Most of our lessons during the term were used to create decorative elements for the cakes (flowers, decorative motifs & other small items that were used to fill/ embellish the top and sides of the cakes.)

Taryn's armature for her Frida figure 

I asked that everyone create a small figure (human or animal) so that they could learn about creating an armature for their sculptures. We watched the following YouTube video. (Technique Mod Roc – how to build an armature for a figure) 

Most of the interior support for the sculptures took the form of toothpicks or kebab sticks.  Some students built up the bulk of their figures using rice crispie treats.  Last weekend they baked their cakes using the a recipe that our consumer studies teacher gave to us. (rich butter cake) They brought their cakes to school on Monday & assembled them at school during the visual arts lesson (1 hour) and after school. On Tuesday we invited the school to view the cakes on display.