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Birds and Bowls

I was invited to decorate a ceramic bowl for the annual South African Ceramics Association exhibition - opened July 2 2013.  This artwork became more of a challenge than I first expected - I wanted to suspend birds in receding steps in the bowl & battled to find a way to do this successfully.  

At first I thought about drilling into the side of the bowl & using metal or wooden supports & then in discussion with my husband Fred, we decided to support the birds from underneath by attaching them to transparent plastic tubing that was glued on to a Perspex disk. This disk was cut on a bandsaw & then the shape was refined using a bench grinder (My school's maintenance department kindly allowed me to use their equipment). Matilda, my Devon rex, loves hanging out in my studio & watching me work - you can see her paws at the top of this pic :)   

Once I had built the support, I textured the bowl with plaster 

& stained it with a brown glaze & treated the perspex support in the same way as the bowl. 

The sparrows I used in the bowl were originally a drawing I did on my ipad. I printed the drawing out in various sizes, coated the drawings in resin and stitched lines on them using my sewing machine. I finished the bowl by glueing all of the loose bits using a glue gun.

The complete bowl below: 

Complete bowl viewed from the side