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The municipality has started filling the hole

The gigantic hole is under repair - this week the municipality started sandbagging and replacing pipes. Two schools are about a kilometer away from this hole - so there will be general chaos when the schools open this next week on Tuesday.   The traffic jams are hectic without this road obstruction - it might be faster to walk to school...



The pothole that won't stop growing...

We have been watching the pothole grow daily. Two days ago it was the size of a car...
& now two cars could fit into the hole. I just hope the municipality does something before it swallows my house. 


Pothole outside my house

Fred & I were on the way to the gym on Sunday & as we turned into the road from our garage we narrowly missed a pothole in the road.  Someone had marked the road with an orange rubbish bin - but if Fred didn't have sharp vision - we probably would have ended up in the pothole. We found an advertising sign (that was big enough for traffic to avoid) & put it up in front of the hole & by the time we had finished the police had arrived. They then organised for a bigger blockade of the hole. The first pics were the size that was initially visible & the last two pics are of what was underneath the hanging tar.


A touching gift

One of my Grade 12 students, Chelsea, made this iphone case for me - hand embroidered on both sides. The one side has my surname & the other side has a portrait of my cat Sam.


Feel the Love

I have been feeling quite stressed and depressed in the last few weeks - just completely overwhelmed with far too much to do. My friend Gaye gave me this heart necklace today (bought from Fat Tuesday - a charming little gallery & shop in Kloof) & I came across a screen shot of what my Grade 12's wrote on my smartboard that I had saved a week ago. I am feeling much better now - amazing what little gestures can do - to restore one's spirits.