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My tree paintings in the reception areas of Reddam House Umhlanga

Since leaving university I struggled to focus on any particular subject matter. My focus at university was violent dogs, perhaps a reflection of the times in which we were living. (The 80's in South Africa) I started painting trees at the studio of Pascale Chandler and in particular the Natal Fig tree and for years this was a focus of my work. My school, Reddam House Umhlanga, has displayed a few of my tree paintings in the reception areas of the school. You can read more about my tree paintigs here and here. 



Just a Girl and her Bunny - Sktchy30 Day 2 

The challenge for this artwork was as follows: 'According to the American Holistic Health Association, it's vital for you to take at least 20 minutes per day to engage in the leisure activities that you love. These brain breaks put a pep in your step and help you enjoy time with your family, make you more productive at work, help you ace that test you've been worried about and more. The benefits of giving yourself leisure time can trickle down to every other aspect of your life, so make sketching a priority!'

To learn more about the importance of leisure time, take a look at these resources:

How to work, love and play when no one has time | Brigid Schulte | TEDxMidAtlanticSalonwords 

 You’ve Been Taking Breaks All Wrong. Here’s How To Do It Right.

The following arwork was made in response to the above inspiration:  

My statement that accompanied this piece: 
It is obvious that RJ Nuclear has a lot of fun playing around with imagery. (The inspirational image was posted by RJ Nuclear.) I have been fascinated by this image for some time now & have been too terrified to engage with it. Often a great photograph is the most difficult thing to turn into a successful artwork. In the spirit of today's theme I decided to squash my fears & 'play' with this image. #Sktchy30 (#day2)

Sktchy 30 Day challenge April 2017 

This April I took part in a challenge run by the Sktchy app. Each day starting on the first of April a topic with inspirational readings/youtube videos arrived in my inbox. The only rules was to respond to the given topic and upload the resulting artwork to the app each day.  I managed to make 30 artworks, some days making an absolute mess but managing to tidy up my really bad scribblings by using my iPad.  

Above: Some of the artworks I made. 


Dee Donaldson Fundraiser 

I took part in an art auction to raise finds for a fellow artist and art teacher, Dee Donaldson, who has recently discovered that she has breast cancer & has had to spend some time recovering after chemotherapy sessions. 

Her students decided to assist her financially by organising a fundraiser. This fundraiser took the form of an evening event last Saturday evening, where artwork donated by local artists was auctioned and monoprints made on Saturday 10th October were sold.

I made the following two monoprints of my cat Sam:  


and donated the following artworks:  

Inspired by Kate Kubareva (a member of the sktchy community) 
Inspired by Tri Sarah Tops (also of the sktchy community)  

Inspired by my Devon -Rex cat Matilda 

I managed to bid for a piece of art myself & managed to aquire a Carol Hayward Fell ceramic sculpture 

Below is a pic of it in my home amongst some of my other collectables:


Threaded Drawings May 2015 artSpace Durban

It was with great trepidation that I approached the theme of this group exhibition.  Although I am familiar with drawing and I do use stitching in my work… the combination of this with the brief “based on drawings by your favourite artist” was daunting.

I at first searched for artists who suited the type of subject matter I explore & when that didn’t work out I switched to looking for an artist who draws in a similar way to my style of drawing. I discovered the work of Joseph Loughborough whose “impulsive and intuitive rapid-fire mark making centers on honesty, expressionism and possibly exorcism. The result is an attempt to grasp a comprehension of the human condition.” (http://artistaday.com/?p=21317)

Although the content of his drawings are generally darker than mine I tried to emulate his style in mixed media drawings mainly of my iconic Sphynx cat Sam and drawings of artists faces I have made contact with through the iPhone app “Sktchy”.    

I have introduced, due to the influence of Loughborough, graphite powder and a more agressive surface line & mark making that hasn’t appeared in my work to date.  He also makes isoteric symbols or circular marks on the surface of his drawings in a different colour. These symbols have been translated into threaded focal points in each of my works. 

Some of these artworks on board I uploaded to my ipad and procesed them a bit further, printed them on photographic paper, collaged into them using washi tape & finally stitched n to them using my very old Elna sewing machine.