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Graffiti and Trash Polka - Sktchy Day 8 

The following artwork was inspired by the inspirational text and links below: 
"In the age of email, text messaging and digital fads, the art of handwriting is dying. Many schools have even nixed cursive lessons altogether. This shift was inevitable, but it comes at a cost. When something is handwritten there's a human touch that gives the message an indescribable power. Take a look at these resources on the artform of handwriting and why it's so important to preserve."Lauren Winston 

The above piece was inspired by Jose Parla - a Brooklyn Graffiti artist who uses his handwriting in many of his street pieces.  I layered my name in the negative space of this work in white. This piece was bought by an American collector who said that this work shared characteristics of the Tattoo style "Trash Polka". 
The example of Trash Polka below is from the site in the above link.