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Artists Journals

I want to introduce my Grade 11 students to the idea of art journalling - so I set them homework drawings that must have text integrated with the drawing. I have just come across Andrea Joseph's journals via Pinterest. Her ballpoint pen work is magnificent and I am sure my students will find her work inspirational:


To see more of her work on her blog click here.


Cherylee paints Sam

This is the start of the oil painting by Cherylee Powell of my Sphynx cat Sam. Doesn't he look awesome? Click here to see the original pics I sent to Cherylee


Exhibitions at ArtSpace Durban and KZNSA in July

I didn't make the openings of the exhibitions at artSPACE Durban or KZNSA this last week but I have managed to see both exhibitions.I got to artSPACE Durban earlier in the week and viewed Naretha Pretorious's exhibition - Onthaal Onthul.

In her own words:
"‘Onthaal’ refers to a social occasion where friends, acquaintances or a community gather; in many cases it is a celebration of something, or a festivity. ‘Onthaal’ can also refer to a formal function or reception, an event guided by etiquette principles of how it should be conducted and structured. ‘Onthaal’ is also to welcome people.
‘Onthul’ is to reveal something, to point something out, to disclose or to expose something. It can also mean to lay bare one’s heart.

The exhibition is a multi-disciplinary show featuring drawings, castings, installations and etchings."
I am fascinated by the delicate drawing in her small jesmonite (casting material) and oil pieces, and the ceramic doily frames surrounding her drawings of churches further enhance the meaning of these pieces. Her quiet monochromatic artworks make subtle reference to the role and the socialization of women.
This exhibition will close 16 July, 2011 at 1pm. Click here to see more of Pretorious's work on her blog.
I love Frances Goodman's installation of die- cut words (each piece of die-cut confetti reads ‘Forever’) scattered throughout her exhibition space at the KZNSA. This confetti piles up in areas & reminds me of the installation in the Tate’s Turbine Hall by Ai Weiwei. When you look at her web site - the piles of confetti were bigger at the first showing of this exhibition in Johannesburg & thus more dramatic. No wonder the piles were reduced when they reached Durban - the confetti sticks to ones shoes & it was distributed throughout KZNSA (not intentionally) & words lay scattered on the pavement outside.
In this exhibition Goodman examines the institution of marriage - exposing both the positives and negatives of marriage and conventional thinking surrounding marriage in contemporary society.
Her series titled ‘Married to’ makes reference to the shape of bodices of wedding dresses. These pieces, on closer inspection, are filled with embroidered and sequined images that are at times quite disturbing.
Rosemarie Marriott recombines found and natural materials into quite sinister creatures in her exhibition at KZNSA in the Mezzanine Gallery. Relaas is an is an Afrikaans word for a narrative story - one of the stories that this exhibition tells is about childhood - quite a lot of dolls and toys appear in this exhibition. But this story is a dark story ( very much reflective of the dark stories found in children's fairy tales) Click here to read more about her work.


Colossal Blog

I have found an art and design blog called "Colossal" that is full of high quality "visual feasts". The creator and editor - Christopher Jobson is a web designer (obviously a good one - judging from his blog) based in Chicago.

I have added the blog to my list of permanent links (see tab above). 
One of his posts I enjoyed reading about was about the artwork: I Wish You Hadn't Asked made by the Australian collective called the Glue Society. The artwork was made for a "Sculpture by The Sea festival festival in Aarhus, Denmark. This artwork "consists of a large house, where it rains on the inside...
The house in I Wish You Hadn't Asked was built in Sydney and then shipped to Denmark for the festival. It rains 200 litres of water every minute within, and the public are encourage to enter with a raincoat, although they are free to brave it without. Artist James Dive of the Glue Society says the work is "about that moment in a relationship when something is said, or done, that can't be taken back. And the rot sets in."


I love dinosaurs

I love dinosaurs - whenever there is a show on them on DSTV I normally watch it. At one stage I thought I might become an archeologist, but since I am not an "outdoorsy" type at all – the digging around outside would not have suited me. However, I do have a very small plastic dinosaur collection.  
I did try placing them around my house – but they just looked silly – so they live in my store room at school & every now & then they get taken out & my students draw them. 
To my delight I found someone who has repurposed plastic dinosaurs into planters. What a good idea! If you want to buy them(or just look at more) -  click here