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Exciting news from Apple in Education 

I received the following e-mail yesterday: 

Dear Joan


The project you entered is one of the finalists for the Curriculum Projects Gr 8-9 category. We would appreciate it if you and your student, Chia Chi Chen could join us at the awards ceremony. 

The ceremony is taking place on 27 November 2013 at II Grande Lounge, Montecasino at 18:30.

This project was inspired by “Work of Art series – the next great artist” Series 2 Episode 9.  (In this episode the artists visit a small town in New York’s Hudson Valley & must then create a portrait of a resident.)

I let my students watch this episode & then told them to duplicate this experience in our own school/social context.  

The Grade 9 students had to create portrait artwork based on an interview conducted with someone they knew (each of my classes were given slightly different groups from which to select to avoid overlap). They were encouraged to film their interviews & hand in a transcript, record the planning of the artwork, and the making of the piece. All of the above mentioned steps were to be presented in either Keynote or iMovie format.

They also had to include their thinking or rationale behind the artwork.  The physical artwork had to be handed in for assessment. 

Hold thumbs for us! 


Drawing on the ipad using procreate

My Grade 9 art students learnt to draw on their ipads using an app called Procreate in the first term this year.


Most of these drawings were done with their fingers. The eye drawing on the ipad  was practice for a charcoal drawing in the second term that included the eye in a Surreal setting.  (see below) 

I demonstrated drawing techniques on an ipad by showing them a slide show (below)

& by filming myself drawing an eye on the ipad by using a mirroring app called “airserver” (which copies what you are doing on your ipad on to your computer screen & I then recorded this using quicktime. ) 


Teaching Art via YouTube

I Introduced my Grade 9 students to negative space and at the same time structured doodling. (Zentangles) You can download my slideshow on doodles & negative space & my lesson on Zentangles here.

Before going through the above concepts in my slide shows the students watched some YouTube clips on doodles, negative space and zentangles. 

Sunni Brown’s talk on the importance of doodling for improving concentration in school is enlightening. 

My students seemed to grasp the idea of negative space drawing better by watching the following you tube clip: 

Finally they learnt how to Zentangle by watching the following two clips: 

The basics of zentangling 

How to do a particular motif: 

I wanted the students to learn some art history so I gave them the following brief:

Task: Find an interesting silhouette from a famous artist’s artwork and zentangle (doodle) in the negative spaces. The silhouette must be left white. You need to write down the name of the artist and the name of the artwork that you used as the source of your silhouette. (Inspired by the following image I found on the internet (I can't find the reference for the image below.)

The girls had an opportunity to experiment with dip pens when making this artwork:

The following images are a few of the artworks the girls made in response to the brief: 



Old concepts in teaching Art and ipads

Grade 9 Art at DGC has seen some major changes this year. Not only is it being offered as a choice subject, the Grade 9 students have come to art with ipads.

I have based my teaching on the premise that the girls taking art have some aptitude for the subject, and have planned my lessons accordingly. The year started off with a lesson introducing my plans for the year & then half way through the lesson wae started exploring “blind contour drawing” popularized by Betty Edwards in her book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. Click here for some Betty Edward's drawing exercises 

In the following lesson I introduced the girls to simple measuring devices to use when drawing. The girls sourced the images on their ipads (I told them they had to make a collage of three different objects – a face, a cylindrical object and a round object. The objects were either composed in a traditional collage on paper. Or they collaged the three images using an app called “Superimpose”. 

They then drew “crates” over their collage & used these simple grids to construct their drawings.   I used the information on Frank Curcovic’s site as a source for this lesson.  

One of my Grade 9 students using her ipad as a resource for drawing below:  

Drawing constructed using "crates" by Teagan below:

Another drawing constructed using crates by Georgina: 


Post-it Note Group Drawing

This is an interesting exercise to do with a mixed ability class. It teaches them the value of working together despite varying ability. They realise that they can achieve quite an amazing result in a short period of time. This exercise took less than an hour.

I have four Grade 9 classes so I looked up four faces (Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix) on the Internet.

I then printed these images in black & white, divided up the image into squares on the back of the image & numbered each square. I photographed the back of the image so I could remember the sequence of squares. If you want to try this exercise with a class remember that the numbering must be reversed when putting the image together. For example: row 1-4 reverses & is placed backwards from 4 - 1.

I then cut up the image into squares & put the squares into an envelope with the name of each class on the front of the envelope.

When the girls arrived for their lesson I handed them a square of the cut up image from the envelope & a post-it note. I told them they had to write the number of the square given to them on the back of the post-it note & duplicate what they saw on in tone/shading on the front of the post-it note. I warned them that they had limited time: about 15- 20 mins.

Once everyone had completed their little drawings on the post-it notes, I called the girls up one by one according to the sequence on the back of the original image & asked them to pin their post-it note on to a pin board in my classroom.

The girls got really excited as the image magically grew in front of their eyes. They were quite proud of their achievement. See Amy Winehouse & Kurt Cobain below: 

These drawings we admired by everyone who walked into my classroom & they were even more amazed when they realised the resulting drawing was a group effort.