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It is that time of year again...

I am marking exam papers & I find myself wanting to do the most bizarre things - like tidy store rooms! I decided to have a break & catch up on my twitter account & I came across a site through Honestly WTF. It is a site that generates random names. I looked up my unicorn name and witch name: 

  I think the witch name suits me more :)(I think scores of students will agree with me)
Click here to look up your unicorn name and here to look up your witch name.


Art Humour

I think my Grade 11 and Grade 12 students will enjoy this:


Take heed

I found this image on Pinterest (a virtual pinboard).   


My name as a street sign

I am obviously on school holiday - I have time to look for silly "stuff" on the internet. I found this site that puts text on to a street sign. Since I will never have a street named after me - I thought it would be fun generate my own pic with my name as a street sign. Click here to make your own.
I also found a site that generates old fashioned looking catalogue cards. Click here to make your own.