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Art at Durban Girls' College Derby Day 

St Mary's Waverly and Durban Girls' College decided to create a day where our two schools would compete and collaborate in sports, cultural and academic activities. My art committee & I decided to work on a combined collage with the St Mary's girls. We chose to do the yin and yang sign because it represents that "apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang_,. We started out by masking out the yin & yang design on to a portable pinboard in the art studios. 

We then looked for various shades of green & red values (our respective school colours) in magazines & arranged them in sequence on tables in the room.

The girls from both schools then started cutting out images from templates. These images were symbols associated with the two schools: lilies, panama hats, a galleon, violins & hockey sticks. Some of the images were quite intricate & time-consuming, so we switched to cutting out hearts. Which represents the relationship & collegiality between the two schools. 

We then started attaching these cut out motifs to the pinboard using pins and a hammer. 

The following pics were taken in sequence of the collage developing.  We put the pin board on the floor to make the hammering of the pins into the surface easier. 


Below: Pics of the final artworK


Shedding snake skin and down the red rabbit hole

We made this series of cards at the end of 2013. They all seem to reflect our concern about time (the lack thereof) & became very red in colour. The first card below has a piece of real snake skin collaged to it's surface. 



Text Above: Dear Joan,  I was delighted to receive your last card with the rabbit … especially seeing that I’d just bought myself the little white rabbit, photographed overleaf … clearly we’re sync’d.  I hope we’re not stuck in the Matrix though.  Love Lara