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Dee Donaldson Fundraiser 

I took part in an art auction to raise finds for a fellow artist and art teacher, Dee Donaldson, who has recently discovered that she has breast cancer & has had to spend some time recovering after chemotherapy sessions. 

Her students decided to assist her financially by organising a fundraiser. This fundraiser took the form of an evening event last Saturday evening, where artwork donated by local artists was auctioned and monoprints made on Saturday 10th October were sold.

I made the following two monoprints of my cat Sam:  


and donated the following artworks:  

Inspired by Kate Kubareva (a member of the sktchy community) 
Inspired by Tri Sarah Tops (also of the sktchy community)  

Inspired by my Devon -Rex cat Matilda 

I managed to bid for a piece of art myself & managed to aquire a Carol Hayward Fell ceramic sculpture 

Below is a pic of it in my home amongst some of my other collectables:


Problem Bowls

I have been collecting flyers advertising the services of traditional healers (Sangomas) for some years now. These flyers normally handed out at traffic lights advertise to cure all sorts of 'ailments' ranging from debt to ill health to lack of sexual performance.

The flyers even promise to get rid of & harness the power of a mythical creature called the Tokoloshe.  Unscrupulous individuals pretend to be genuine healers, distribute these flyers and often damage the lives of innocent people. 

 I used a daisy punch used by crafters to cut daisy shapes out of the flyers that I then assembled in ceramic bowls. The traditional flower meaning for the daisy is purity and innocence.  The theme of wishes - or unfulfilled wishes comes up repeatedly in this exhibition. 


Birds and Bowls

I was invited to decorate a ceramic bowl for the annual South African Ceramics Association exhibition - opened July 2 2013.  This artwork became more of a challenge than I first expected - I wanted to suspend birds in receding steps in the bowl & battled to find a way to do this successfully.  

At first I thought about drilling into the side of the bowl & using metal or wooden supports & then in discussion with my husband Fred, we decided to support the birds from underneath by attaching them to transparent plastic tubing that was glued on to a Perspex disk. This disk was cut on a bandsaw & then the shape was refined using a bench grinder (My school's maintenance department kindly allowed me to use their equipment). Matilda, my Devon rex, loves hanging out in my studio & watching me work - you can see her paws at the top of this pic :)   

Once I had built the support, I textured the bowl with plaster 

& stained it with a brown glaze & treated the perspex support in the same way as the bowl. 

The sparrows I used in the bowl were originally a drawing I did on my ipad. I printed the drawing out in various sizes, coated the drawings in resin and stitched lines on them using my sewing machine. I finished the bowl by glueing all of the loose bits using a glue gun.

The complete bowl below: 

Complete bowl viewed from the side