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Threaded Drawings May 2015 artSpace Durban

It was with great trepidation that I approached the theme of this group exhibition.  Although I am familiar with drawing and I do use stitching in my work… the combination of this with the brief “based on drawings by your favourite artist” was daunting.

I at first searched for artists who suited the type of subject matter I explore & when that didn’t work out I switched to looking for an artist who draws in a similar way to my style of drawing. I discovered the work of Joseph Loughborough whose “impulsive and intuitive rapid-fire mark making centers on honesty, expressionism and possibly exorcism. The result is an attempt to grasp a comprehension of the human condition.” (http://artistaday.com/?p=21317)

Although the content of his drawings are generally darker than mine I tried to emulate his style in mixed media drawings mainly of my iconic Sphynx cat Sam and drawings of artists faces I have made contact with through the iPhone app “Sktchy”.    

I have introduced, due to the influence of Loughborough, graphite powder and a more agressive surface line & mark making that hasn’t appeared in my work to date.  He also makes isoteric symbols or circular marks on the surface of his drawings in a different colour. These symbols have been translated into threaded focal points in each of my works. 

Some of these artworks on board I uploaded to my ipad and procesed them a bit further, printed them on photographic paper, collaged into them using washi tape & finally stitched n to them using my very old Elna sewing machine.