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Flinging my arms up in the air in 2018


Text in above image from : queenofyourownlife.com, Image from graphicsfairy.com


2017 was a year filled with change. After teaching in a well-established, reputable school for seventeen years I decided to move to Reddam House Umhlanga, a new school in our province. 

I have loved the more intimate family atmosphere at the new school, and found the students and staff warm and full of fun.

The shift in routine, the travelling (leaving home an hour earlier to miss the traffic to school) and the sharing of facilities has been difficult. (I have had to share my art room with one of the science teachers while our new school building was being constructed.)

At the beginning of December the whole high school vacated our old building and moved into a very modern new building. The furnishings are being supplied over this holiday period.

The new Reddam House high school building above 
An unfurnished classroom above 

The new staffroom above

Reception furniture above  

This however, is not the end of my change. The building we vacated will become an Arts facility (Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts) and hopefully by the end of March 2018 I will be able to move into newly renovated art rooms. 

The new college Visual Arts facilities will include a workshop, two classrooms and a private teacher's working space with store rooms attached. (see purple above) I asked for the rooms to be suitated on the ground floor so that we can have drive-in access for deliveries of heavy materials. In addition to this facility a double volume gallery will be added to the campus once the renovations of this building is complete.  

Next year I want to focus on making more art, blogging more often and looking after my health by eating and exercising in a balanced way...alternatively I will fling my arms up in the air and dare to enjoy the ride!