Graffiti and Trash Polka - Sktchy Day 8 

The following artwork was inspired by the inspirational text and links below: 
"In the age of email, text messaging and digital fads, the art of handwriting is dying. Many schools have even nixed cursive lessons altogether. This shift was inevitable, but it comes at a cost. When something is handwritten there's a human touch that gives the message an indescribable power. Take a look at these resources on the artform of handwriting and why it's so important to preserve."Lauren Winston 

The above piece was inspired by Jose Parla - a Brooklyn Graffiti artist who uses his handwriting in many of his street pieces.  I layered my name in the negative space of this work in white. This piece was bought by an American collector who said that this work shared characteristics of the Tattoo style "Trash Polka". 
The example of Trash Polka below is from the site in the above link. 


Tribute to Roz - Sktchy30 Day 5 

Day 5 of 30

The anatomical piece below was inspired by the following challenge: 

"The hip bone connected to the...backbone."

The great Renaissance artists obsessed over every fiber of the human body, inside and out, paving the way for anatomy to enter the art world. Lucky for you, there are now less intrusive ways to master drawing the human body. Here are a couple of resources to get you started:

How to study Human Anatomy for the Artist - Free lesson on how to approach human anatomy as an artist.

The spellbinding art of human anatomy A video celebrating the work of anatomy artists and their contribution to the medical field.



Just a Girl and her Bunny - Sktchy30 Day 2 

The challenge for this artwork was as follows: 'According to the American Holistic Health Association, it's vital for you to take at least 20 minutes per day to engage in the leisure activities that you love. These brain breaks put a pep in your step and help you enjoy time with your family, make you more productive at work, help you ace that test you've been worried about and more. The benefits of giving yourself leisure time can trickle down to every other aspect of your life, so make sketching a priority!'

To learn more about the importance of leisure time, take a look at these resources:

How to work, love and play when no one has time | Brigid Schulte | TEDxMidAtlanticSalonwords 

 You’ve Been Taking Breaks All Wrong. Here’s How To Do It Right.

The following arwork was made in response to the above inspiration:  

My statement that accompanied this piece: 
It is obvious that RJ Nuclear has a lot of fun playing around with imagery. (The inspirational image was posted by RJ Nuclear.) I have been fascinated by this image for some time now & have been too terrified to engage with it. Often a great photograph is the most difficult thing to turn into a successful artwork. In the spirit of today's theme I decided to squash my fears & 'play' with this image. #Sktchy30 (#day2)

Sktchy 30 Day challenge April 2017 

This April I took part in a challenge run by the Sktchy app. Each day starting on the first of April a topic with inspirational readings/youtube videos arrived in my inbox. The only rules was to respond to the given topic and upload the resulting artwork to the app each day.  I managed to make 30 artworks, some days making an absolute mess but managing to tidy up my really bad scribblings by using my iPad.  

Above: Some of the artworks I made. 


Our moths went further than we expected...

Just a quick update on the Moth Migrate Project. We sent our parcel of moths off to Professor Hilary Lorenz to participate in her installation project and the courier service we used got the address mixed up. Instead of sending the parcel to Abiquiú, New Mexico & reaching this quaint little post office below: 

The moths ended up in Mexico, in a completely different country. 

After some e-mailing between the courier and Hilary - the moths finally arrived at their destination...