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Estelle Hudson talks about the tree in my work

Our exhibition Lost, Found & Stolen at Fat Tuesday closed on Saturday 26th of May. We ended the exhibition with a walkabout by Estelle Hudson a narrative and family therapist. She conducts dream workshops for professionals, Masters students and interested people. Her personal interests include feminist spirituality, drawing, painting and dream work.

Above: Origin Reworked, mixed media on board, 15x20cm (sold)

She spoke about all of our work in terms of how it related to dream interpretation. She focused on the interpretation of the trees in my work. The following is an excerpt from her talk:

Above: Playing Celestial Symphonies, mixed media on board, 15x20cm (sold)

Joan’s ghostly trees against a sky of both light and storm remind us of the reality of the opposites.  Carl Jung's statement is relevant: “It is only when we experience the Opposites of life that Wholeness happens.” “How we long to achieve the growth the tree fosters in itself, the reach and rootage, the sturdiness and balance between high and low, the way it meets the season, holding its ground.” -  Book of Symbols .  

Above: Whispering Trees, mixed media on board, 15x20cm (sold)

In myths sometimes people are transformed into trees and if we are to ask in the language of dreams, “What part of Joan is a tree?” because I know Joan's paintings and how often the tree emerges, I identify: the resin she uses in her paintings has its origin in a tree; the tree has an animating spirit and she often will house in her trees articles of sentimental and precious worth. 

“The tree as self can come into existence, centred and contained, around which occur incessant processes of metabolism, multiplying, perishing and self-renewal...(repeating the theme of Lost, Found and Stolen) “the tree is also a cosmos encompassing psychic spheres of refreshment, creativity and initiation transcending space and time.. … Alchemists did not forget that the tree may represent not only a place of awakening to new life, but also of suffering. “   


above: Maggie Strachan & Joan Martin at Estelle Hudson's Walkabout

Joan as an art teacher is constantly initiating, creating, challenging to new frontiers her students and her artist friends.  What part of Joan is a tree?    Well!  I would say what an image, symbol, the tree is of Joan!Carolyn Myss says in her book, “Your biology becomes your biography” and I would say looking at Joan's paintings of trees and the clarity of the trees physiology, has indeed becomes Joan's biography.

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