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Stolen Time

Before our last exhibition (Two Goats and a Dog) at Fat Tuesday we met with everyone who spoke (opening and walkabouts) a week before the exhibition – so they could get a preview of our work and ask us questions regarding our intentions and technique. 

Ana (looking like a painting herself) taking notes (using a purple pen)  

The meeting worked so well last year that we decided to repeat the experience again this year. We met yesterday morning (Sat 28th May) in my classroom - the space is big enough to spread all of our work out on the tables. The time we spend together at these meetings not only reconnects us as friends; but allows us to focus on uninterrupted discussion about art in general.

Jeanette (in her velvet hat) discussing Lara's work. (Lara on right)

Some of the discussions that arose in this session focussed on: 

  • the sense of nostalgia that was apparent in our work 
  • the amount of conscious and unconscious elements that occur when we make our artworks
  • what is “stolen” in our work (We purposely “borrow” from each other’s work and we share source material) This led us to a discussion about copying in general. The following link further elaborates on this point. 
  • whether size has affected us (Fat Tuesday is a small gallery – so we have had to adjust our artworks accordingly)
  • we debated art terms in relation to our work – words like palimpsest, romantic, de-collage and illustrative  
  • and parallels were drawn between Turner, Max Ernst and Arthur Rackham. 

All three of the women who have agreed to speak on our behalf & share their own insights and interpretation of our work; are passionate supporters of our work and the development of art in Durban.

From Left: Me, Estelle, Jeanette and Maggie discussing Maggie's work.    

Jeanette Gilks is a Fibre Artist and has taught art for many years (as a school teacher & now she runs workshops for artists)

Ana de Vlieg is an artist (she participated with Lara & myself in the Sketchbook Project) and an art teacher with a special interest in art as therapy.  

Clinical Social worker Estelle Hudson runs dream workshops with Maggie at the Buddhist Retreat Centre at Ixopo. Her talk will focus on an interpretation of our work in terms of Jungian Theory.  “Estelle Hudson is a narrative and family therapist. She conducts dream workshops for professionals, Masters Students and interested people. Her personal interests include feminist spirituality, drawing, painting and dream work.” – link. 

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