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Lost, Found and Stolen... 

I am participating in an exhibition that starts on Tuesday the 8th of May (6.30pm) until Saturday the 26th of May with Lara Mellon and Maggie Strachan at Fat Tuesday, in Kloof Durban. The title of the exhibition is Lost, Found and Stolen.

Joan Martin, Gaye's Gecko, Mixed Media on Board, 20X30cm, 2012

The following is our statement for this exhibition:

Our last exhibition at Fat Tuesday spoke about our methods of working as a group – finding a direct and particular response to each other’s work which became a discourse about our methods of art making and our childhood memories.  

This exhibition “Lost, Found and Stolen” is a continuation of our first theme. We revisit memories both personal and collective, things that we perceive individually and jointly from the mist, looking at places and ideas that have been abandoned and forgotten by ourselves and by society as a whole.

Through regular contact and scheduled meetings (once a month) we initially set up themes – each artist came to the meeting with a word or criteria.  Finding our way unexpectedly through these verbal and visual clues often resulted in these prompts being combined in a new context. 

During the past year we have each in our own been diverted by the demands of life, but always found our way back via our scheduled meetings and mutual support.  There are definite connections between our artworks - we often consciously and unconsciously “steal” from each other’s work. Gourbault statement is applicable: “The influences may be subliminal and subtle but all that surrounds us in some way changes how we see things and who we are.”

Joan Martin, School Suitcase, Mixed Media on Board, 2011, 10X10cm

Dr Norman Doidge an advocate of neuroplasticity sums up the journey these artists have undertaken: “We are often haunted by important relationships from the past that influence us unconsciously in the present. As we work them through, they go from haunting us to becoming simply part of our history.”

This is the schedule of events to do with our exhibition:

Tues 8th May 6:30 - Exhibition to be opened by Jeanette Gilks, Fibre Artist and teacher of Art
Sat 12th May 10:30 - Artist and Art Teacher Ana de Vlieg will conduct a walkabout
Sat 26th May 10:30 - Clinical Social worker, applying Jungian theory,  Estelle Hudson will conduct a walkabout and discussion of the artworks 

Please feel free to attend any (or all) of the above events.

Joan Martin, Playing Celestial Symphonies, Mixed Media on Board, 15X20cm, 2012


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